5 Top Tips To Spring Clean Your Home

It's that time of year where winter hoarding is coming to an end and everybody wants to refresh their home for the coming year. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why we have some top tips on how we think you could give your home that new lease of life it deserves...

1. Wear what's in your wardrobe!Wardrobe

You could be this organised too! Image from skonahem.com 

What we mean is... do you actually wear everything that's in your wardrobe? Haven't worn that top for 6 months? Think you might wear those trousers again at some point in the very far and distant future? Be ruthless! Bag it up and send it off to a charity shop - it's for the greater good AND it gets rid of all your unwanted clutter. Win win! This goes for other areas in the house too - shoes, toys, books... anything!

2. Storage solutions...


Nice and organised (and stylish). Image from thisoldhouse.com

Once you've decided what you're going to keep - make sure you have storage for it all. Yes, shoving everything in a corner, behind the sofa or under the bed makes your home look clean but deep down...you know the truth. If there isn't space for everything you either need to make room or revert back to Step 1 to see if you really need to keep it.

3. Shine those surfaces!


Lemons - creating shiny surfaces with a succulent scent. Image from rusticgardenbistro.com

After cooking that Christmas dinner and all those lovely, homey (but messy) winter foods, your kitchen and oven is sure to need a little bit of TLC. By using a mix of baking soda and lemons, you can make every shiny surface glimmer and gleam like never before. Even better, the lemons will scent your home beautifully - trust us, we're the experts! There are great recipes all over the Internet for homemade concoctions if you're not sure how to create your own super-cleaning solution.

4. Don't forget your car...


We're sure Batman gives the Batmobile a deep clean once in a while, right? Image from sunlitspaces.com

We can't leave your trusty car out now, can we? A dab of olive oil can replenish tired looking leather and dashboards, toothpaste will brighten up your headlights, and finishing off paintwork with a clay bar will remove all that built up grime, leaving you with a streak-free finish! Not forgetting giving your interior a good old hoover out too!

5. Scent your spaces!


Why light one candle, when you can have four?!

Now we couldn't fail to mention fragrance in your home, could we? Whether you have a reed diffuser in every room or love to light a few candles of an evening, fresh scents such as Soft Cotton, Fresh Linen and of course, Spring Clean will keep your home uplifted and refreshed. We've not forgotten your smaller spaces either, with scented sachets for your car and your drawers and wardrobes.

So what are you waiting for? Start your spring cleaning now and if nothing else, use it as an excuse to buy your favourite scents (shhh... we won't tell!)

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