Autumnal Scents to Suit the Season

It's that time of year again where we need to dust off our coats and jumpers. If you love Autumn as much as we do, you'll love this blog about Autumnal home scents.

Now the temperature's cooling off and the woolly hats are coming out, it's time to give your home's scent an overhaul with our warming Autumn fragrances. From the ever-popular vanilla to the cosy cinnamon, we'll have a scent which your entire family will love. Below is a run down of what scents suit which room in your home, so you can enjoy the scents of Autumn even when you're snuggled on the sofa.


Deep and rich fruity scents are an ideal welcome into your home for your nose - it gives different levels of fragrance and a gorgeous blend. Our target="_blank">RHS Fragrant Garden Fig & Plum Large Reed Diffuser is perfect for placing on a table in your hallway, letting you scent this space without needing to worry about an open flame.

Living Room

When you think of a living room in Autumn, the word "cosy" springs to mind. We think the perfect addition to a cosy room is a spicy scent, such as RHS Fragrant Garden Vanilla & Cinnamon or Toasted Cinnamon from Colony. Light one of these candles to be the perfect partner to a relaxed evening on the sofa with a movie and a steaming hot chocolate - what could be better!

Dining Room & Kitchen

You may think a fruity or gourmand scent would suit a dining room or kitchen, but we like to mix it up and go with a wood based scent, such as Oriental Wood from Fragrant Escapes. The richness of wood really embodies the feeling of Autumn and it lets the homey food you're cooking and eating speak for itself.

Guest Room

We all like to impress our guests when they visit, so why not give them something to smile about as soon as they walk in the room. Our Fired Earth Assam & White Cedar scent gives you a luxurious tea scent mixed with the woody elements of cedarwood, ideal for Autumn. If they like it, you have a sure-fire Christmas present to buy - the candle tin did win Gift of the Year after all!


Your bedroom is your haven, especially in the colder months when there's nothing better than snuggling up under the covers, away from the world. Snowdrop is an ideal scent, as it gives you the soft white floral scent with a slightly woody base to bring some richness to the scent. It's soothing and delicate with a hint of sandalwood to help you relax and stay that way.


Got the Autumn bug? We have a whole host of other Autumn scents just for you!

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