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Myth Buster: Diffuser Difficulties

We've answered some common questions about reed diffusers. Read on to find out more...

Reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles - you\'ll continuously scent your home for weeks on end and you can leave them unattended without the worry of a naked flame. Being one of the first companies to introduce reed diffusers to the UK, we know a thing or two about them, so check out our questions and answers about reed diffusers. What do I do with a reed diffuser? If you\'re not quite sure what a reed diffuser is, don\'t worry, we get asked this a lot by people who are experiencing home fragrance for the first time. A reed diffuser is a container of fragranced liquid that scents your home when reeds are inserted into it. To use a diffuser, you simply remove the bung or unscrew the cap and remove the protective foam circle, before inserting the reeds that come with the diffuser through the top of the diffuser. The scented oil will then work its way up the reeds, fragrancing your home as it goes. How long will my diffuser last? Another popular question, and the answer is, this completely varies - depending on the scent, some reed diffusers will last longer than others. The location you place the diffuser will also have an effect on how long it lasts - a shady, draught-free environment will make the diffuser last much longer than a warm, sunny windowsill. Can I control the strength of my reed diffuser? To a degree, yes! It\'s simply a case of adding or removing reeds - the stronger the scent you want, the more reeds you\'ll need to add. Just because we provide a pack of reeds with every diffuser doesn\'t mean that you need to use them all, if you prefer a more subtle scent. Is it normal for my reeds to dry out? If you have our longer, 30cm reeds, then yes - the basic rule is the longer the reeds, the more prone they are to drying out. Whereas if you have our short reeds, such as in our 50ml reed diffusers, these will almost always be wet, as the liquid as a shorter distance to travel to reach the end of the reeds. To add a burst of fragrance to your room, simply turn your reeds over and place the dry end of the reeds into the liquid. Do I light my reeds? NO! We can\'t stress enough that you should never do this. Our reed diffuser oils are alcohol-based and are flammable. This is also the reason why we cannot recommend burning our diffusers oil in an oil burner - we have developed a range of burner oils and wax melts for this purpose. Can I use the same reeds in any diffuser? If your new diffuser is the same scent, the same reeds should be fine, but if it\'s a different scent, we\'d definitely suggest using different reeds, so the new fragrance isn\'t contaminated by the old. Also, if you\'ve had your reeds for 3 months or more, we\'d suggest it\'s time to change them. All our replacement reeds are available here. What are your vases in The Diffuser Bar for? All our vases in The Diffuser Bar have been designed to hold the liquid from our reed diffuser refills and for reeds to be inserted into the top of them - basically just a more stylish version of our normal reed diffuser bottles, that can be matched to your home decor. Often bought as a gift alongside somebody\'s favourite scent, it\'s a unique and personalised gift that beats the usual chocolate and socks. We hope that this blog has helped you expand your reed diffuser knowledge, but if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and we\'ll be happy to help - who knows, your question might appear in one of our future blogs!
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