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Myth Buster: Optimise your Oil Burner

Our top tips and advise on how to make the most out of your oil burner.

Oil burners have been one of the more traditional ways of fragrancing your home for a number of years, but that doesn\'t necessarily mean that they\'re any less popular than the more modern methods on the market today. See our top tips and frequently asked questions about using oil burners to see if one has a place in your home. How much burner oil do I need to use in one sitting? The answer is, very little! You actually need to add some warm water to the top of your oil burner before adding a few drops (depending on the strength of scent you prefer) of your favourite refresher oil. I\'ve seen people using some fragranced laundry balls in their oil burners - can I do this with your oil burners? We can\'t say this enough - please do not use any products which have not been formulated to be used in an oil burner. This is extremely dangerous and you need to put your safety first, no matter what the rest of the Internet says! Why do you say to use an unscented tealight in an oil burner? When releasing scent in an oil burner, it\'s best to use just one scent, rather than trying to spread two scents around your home using one oil burner. It will give you a truer scent if you use an unscented tealight. How do I use wax melts/wax tarts? Wax melts are really easy to use - add an unscented tealight to your oil burner and pop your chosen wax melt into the top of the oil burner. Simple! When you want to change the scent, simply scoop the melted wax tart out of the top of the burner and replace with a new one. Do you have any more questions about our oil burners, refresher oils and wax melts? Contact us and we\'ll do our best to help you out.
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