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Myth Buster: Room Fresheners

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about room fresheners...

As much as we love our scented candles and reed diffusers, we understand that sometimes you just want a quick blast of fragrance to refresh a room for a short period of time, such as a guest room when people are visiting for a few days. Our room mists, scented sachets and scented spheres are the ideal way to fragrance these spaces - but as they\'re not as well known as candles and reed diffusers, and we\'re often asked a range of enquiries. See our most frequently asked questions about our room refreshers below - first off, room sprays: Are your room sprays family-friendly? Being water-based, our room sprays can be used around children and pets without any worry. They\'re also often used to refresh clothing and bedding. Saying that, please take into consideration who is in the room before you start to spray - anyone with asthma can have negative side effects from any sort of sprays. What\'s the best way to use a room spray? If you\'re needing a quick burst of fragrance, room sprays are ideal, whether it\'s to boost a scent that\'s already in the room or to add an additional fragrance. Our room sprays are formulated to create fine mists, rather than heavier droplets. Often less expensive than reed diffusers or candles, they\'re great value for money as you\'ll usually get around 1,500 sprays per bottle! Do I need to do anything special when I\'m storing my room spray? Like with all of our products, we\'d always recommend storing them out of direct sunlight, as this may discolour the liquid. Next, we move onto scented spheres... What are scented spheres? You\'re not the first (and won\'t be the last) person to ask this - they\'re basically little beads of reed diffuser oil which can be displayed in a variety of ways - from the scented sphere jars you purchase them in, to our clear glass vase from The Diffuser Bar to one of our hurricane vases. They diffuse their scent in a similar way to a diffuser. I\'m concerned about the safety of using these with young children in the house. Don\'t worry - we\'ve thought of that. We\'ve added an odourless bittering agent to our spheres, so that pets and children will be discouraged from putting them in their mouths. This bittering agent is often added to washing-ups liquid and fabric softener for the same reason - one drop added to a swimming pool would make the water taste disgusting, hence why only a few parts per million are needed in our products. My scented spheres don\'t smell anymore, why is this? As with our reed diffusers, the fragrance throw depends on a few factors - room temperature, placement, draughtiness etc. Depending on how long you\'ve been around the scent, you could just be used to it, therefore you don\'t smell it as strongly. If this happens, try popping the lid back on your scented spheres jar and using a different scent in that room for a little while. Lastly, some common questions on scented sachets... What do I do with scented sachets? Scented sachets are really easy to use and can scent those smaller spaces in the home that otherwise get overlooked. Remove the plastic packaging around the sachet and place wherever you wish - drawers, wardrobes, cars, even travel luggage! The paper of the sachet has been designed to allow the scent to flow through. Why can\'t I smell my scented sachet anymore? The scent of these sachets will slowly fade overtime but will vary depending on the environment it\'s placed in. Somewhere dry and cool will help the fragrance to last longer than somewhere hot and humid. There we have it - the last of our myth buster blogs. We hope they\'ve been of use, but if you have any other burning question to ask, let us know, we\'d love to hear from you!
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