Summer Scenting for Every Space

Our guide on which summer home fragrance scents suits which space at home.

Everybody has a favourite scent - whether you love the light and airy fragrance of Fresh Linen, the fruity goodness of Mediterranean Orange or the floral delicacy of Rose. Some of us want to smell nothing but our favourite fragrance, we love it that much... but have you ever thought about how a fragrance can set the mood of a room? Or how that can effect how you feel? Read our guide on which scents best suit which spaces to help you get the most out of your home fragrance this Summer. Hallway Your hallway is probably one of the most unloved parts of our homes, even though it\'s somewhere you pass through every single day. For guests, it\'s creates the first impression, so you need to make it inviting. If soggy coats and wet wellies live in your hallway (where is Summer again?), you might need a stronger Summer scent than if your hallway is free of clutter. A fresh scent is preferable here, as it\'s immediately uplifting and creates that great first impression. Our suggestion: Coastal Breeze from our Colony Collection. Living Room If you\'re anything like us, you\'ll spend a lot of time in your living room! It\'s the main hub of the house where everyone gets together to chill out. We adore floral fragrances for our main living space, as they\'re not overpowering and are lovely and delicate, so everyone can enjoy them. For a busy home, reed diffusers are great as you don\'t need to be in the room to use them, but if you enjoy the experience of lighting a candle, drawing the curtains and cuddling up in the candlelight, then treat your living room to a scented candle or two - or even more if you please! Why not try layering various floral scents at once, to discover a brand new scent? With lots of different combinations available, you could easily create a scent that\'s unique to your home. Our suggestion: Sweet Pea from our RHS Fragrant Garden Collection. Dining Room Eating and entertaining is probably the main thing you use your dining room for. So it makes complete sense that fragrances in here are almost good enough to eat! When you think fruity, you often think citrus, but there are all sorts of scents you can play with. A dinner party is an ideal place to make a statement with your home fragrance and using a candle to make a lovely centrepiece will make your night of entertaining that extra bit special. Our suggestion: If you love citrus scents, Made in England\'s Lemon Verbena smells as delicious as it sounds, or if you want to try something different go for Tomato Leaf and Geranium from our Kitchen Garden Collection. Kitchen A kitchen\'s scent can be similar to that of a dining room, but here at Wax Lyrical, we like to mix things up a little! Herbal scents are ideal here, as they\'re probably scents that are already lingering around. With our Kitchen Garden Collection, you can choose your favourite and amplify it! Think sage, basil and rosemary - these are the fragrances that are so aromatic when cooking that translate perfectly into home scents. Our suggestion: Blackberry and Basil from Kitchen Garden brings fruits and herbs together, or you might want to eliminate smells completely, which our Cook\'s Friend scented candle can do for you. Bathroom You may think bathrooms already smell good - I mean, think of all the bath bombs, shower gels and perfumes that are in there, right? Well, not so much... I think we all know the downsides of damp towels, moist air and dirty laundry. A different type of fresh scent can be used here than in the hallway - think powdery and musks, rather than fresh, sea air. Our suggestion: Powder Fresh from Colony or RHS Fragrant Garden\'s Soft Cotton. If you\'re wanting to scent this room 24/7 we\'d of course recommend you using a reed diffuser in your chosen fresh scent. Bedroom Relaaaaaax - this is the word that most people associate with their bedroom. Slipping into bed after a hard day is one of the little joys of life that everyone can enjoy. There\'s always one scent which comes to mind when you think of "relax" and that\'s lavender. There\'s a reason this fragrance is used for aromatherapy all over the world, and if it can help sooth grumpy babies to sleep, it must be good! Chamomile closely follows, and for those of you who love a good brew, you\'ll know how soothing a hot cup of chamomile tea can be. Our suggestion: For everyday use, English Lavender is a must, but for something a little more special, our Provence Lavender from Fragrant Escapes or Chamomile and Violet from Fired Earth will do the trick. Guest Room Let\'s face it, we all want to impress when guests come round, no matter if it\'s our Mum, best friend or Great Aunt Edna. You can go two ways with this; the first being with their favourite scent. Hopefully you know them well enough to know what fragrances they like and dislike, and they\'ll appreciate the thought, especially as many people have trouble sleeping in a bed that\'s not their own! Their favourite fragrance can make your guest room feel even more homely. The second is going for the luxury scent - you know the type, that as soon as you smell it, you can tell it\'s quality. Your guests will be impressed and will no doubt be hunting for the very same scent to use in their home. Our suggestion: The Fired Earth Collection are year-round fragrances - you really can\'t go wrong. Provence Lavender, Egyptian Cotton, Seville Orange and Caribbean Shores from Fragrant Escapes being another luxury pick. Conservatory/Summer House These rooms often get forgotten, due to being on the outskirts of the house and only used when the weather allows (which in Britain, isn\'t that often at the moment!). Depending on what you use these room for depends on the scents you\'ll use - if you use it for dining, fruity Summer scents will probably be your pick, or possibly even gourmand scents. If it\'s a play area for the children, an exciting, sparkling scent is just the ticket. Don\'t forget about the products other than candles and reed diffusers; water based room sprays can be used safely around pets and children, scented sachets can be hung or placed somewhere discreet and scented spheres, with their bittering agent (which discourages children and pets from putting in their mouths) are ideal for play rooms. Our suggestion: For room fresheners, our range of scented sachets, room sprays and scented spheres from RHS Fragrant Garden are perfect for rooms like this. If you want to see some more ideas on how different fragrances are used around the home, check out our Pinterest board.
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