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There are some things you can burn on holiday…

When you're packing your suitcase, candles might not be top of the list with your swimsuits, towels and suncream, but they can be just as much as a part of your holiday as they are your home. We tasked some of the Wax Lyrical family to see how far and wide their favourite candles could travel - and we were shocked at how far they went!

Lynne - Finance

Wax Lyrical

We're sure that the crowds were a little perplexed when this picture was being taken.

Starting fairly close to home, Lynne and her family visited Skegness for the Formula One Stock Car UK speed weekend. As it was a camping holiday, the candle needed to be sturdy and last the whole time she was away - she finally decided on the Made in England Pink Grapefruit scented Candle Jar. "It was a bright colour, so could easily be seen - making sure no one would accidently walk into it! It kept the area we were camping in smelling beautiful! I burn Pink Grapefruit candles all the time at home, so this was an obvious choice for me when deciding which scent to pack in our suitcase."

Sarah - Bar Coder

Wax Lyrical

We wish we were sat on the beach right now toasting marshmallows!

Moving down to the South of England now, Sarah and her family took their annual trip to St. Ives. Sarah loves fruity fragrances and finally settled on the Jelly Belly tangerine candle tin. "We lit our candle on the beach while we ate seafood from the ocean & toasted marshmallows. The scent of the salty sea air & the fruity fragrance from the candle sums up the best elements of the British summer."

Andy - Supply Chain Manager

Wax Lyrical

We wouldn't complain waking up to this view every morning.

Swiftly moving back up North to Scotland, where Andy and his family holidayed right by one of the many beautiful lochs. Caribbean Shores from the Fragrant Escapes Collection was his choice of scented candle - "I couldn’t resist the irony! - It was a lovely fragrance to light and enjoy once we’d all been soaked during the day and the kids had finally gone to bed. We might not have been in the Caribbean, but it was pretty tranquil," said Andy.

Shane - Sales and Marketing Director

Wax Lyrical

"I’m not the most creative of people as you can see by my picture, but it certainly does the job," Shane admits.

Shane and his family took a trip to Spain with a few other families, meaning there were lots of smells (mainly of teenagers) to keep at bay. He chose an RHS Soft Cotton reed diffuser, so there was no worries of naked flames around the many children staying in the villa.

Kim - Marketing

Wax Lyrical

We're sure the ancient Romans would have loved a bit of Freesia to scent the Coliseum.

Hopping on into Europe, Rome was the next stop for one of our candles with Kim and her fiancé - the RHS Freesia Scented Candle Tin being the scent of choice. "I have one of the RHS Freesia scented sachets in my car all the time, and I can’t get enough of it! As an added bonus - it made my suitcase smell lovely. After a tiring day of walking around Rome appreciating the ancient ruins and Spanish steps, lighting this candle was the perfect way to relax before popping out for a romantic meal."

Liz - Financial Controller

Wax Lyrical

We couldn't think of a better reason to burn this candle than on a holiday like this.

Liz took a trip of a lifetime for her Mum's 70th birthday (which also happened to be around the same time as her nephew's birthday) to Florida! "Celebration from the Timeless range was clearly the perfect choice to take with us! The scent captured the trip perfectly – the excitement, the fun and the laughs. It helped set the mood for the whole trip but was also lovely to light at night while we all sat down after a long day walking around one of the many theme parks."

Joanne - Managing Director

Wax Lyrical

We'd be lighting this candle to warm up!

Joanne couldn't have gone much further for this final entry in our blog - this time, our Earl Grey and Vetivert Collectable Scented Candle Tin ended up in Alaska! A cool fragrance perfectly fitting with the Alaskan weather, this candle couldn't have been more fitting for this trip. "The scent let me bring a little bit of Britain away with me," said Joanne.

If you'd like to see some more ideas of how to use candles whilst you're away from home, see our Pinterest board for inspiration.

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There are some things you can burn on holiday…

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