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Candle FAQs

What type of wax do you use?

We use paraffin wax for our candles, as in our experience, no other wax performs as well as paraffin. The Wax Lyrical paraffin wax blend was developed after extensive testing. It has excellent fragrance throw and performs very well for all other properties such as appearance and stability. So far we have not found a soy blend that is its equal.

Where does paraffin wax come from?

Paraffin wax can be found naturally, occurring on the leaves and fruits of many plants, such as on the skin of apples. Most of the paraffin wax used today is derived as a by-product from crude oil, which contains the wax from the plants that lived 500 million years ago. The wax exists, unchanged, as a fraction of the crude oil and is simply separated from the oil and cleaned.

What is the difference between paraffin wax and other waxes, like soy?

Both paraffin and soy candles have their strength and weaknesses. There is no such thing as the perfect candle wax for containers. Candle makers have to balance the following competing attributes;

  • Good appearance
  • The wax should look good naturally and also be easy to dye.
  • Perfume
  • The cold and hot throw performance.
  • Burn performance
  • No sooting, smoking, tunnelling or clubbing.
  • Stability
  • No fading or bleeding.
  • Cost
  • We must be able to produce affordable candles.

“Natural” waxes such soy, palm, rapeseed etc. are made by the chemical processing of the oils; the crops are harvested and the oil is pressed out. It is then passed through a hydrogenation process in a factory to convert the oil to a wax. Soy wax is created by this chemical conversion process, as the unsaturated (liquid) oil is saturated to create wax (solid). It should be noted that the soy crops in America are mostly GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and will likely have been farmed commercially using pesticides and herbicides.

Are your products vegetarian/vegan friendly?

All of our products are vegetarian friendly, and nearly all of our products are vegan friendly. The only products that are not suitable for vegans are some of our vegetable wax candles, as these contain beeswax. We do not test any of our products on animals.

Do you use paraffin wax because it’s the cheapest type of wax?

Definitely not! We look at all the attributes above to determine what wax we use in our candles – cost is just one small portion of the deciding factor. We pride ourselves on making beautiful candles that burn well and we certainly wouldn’t compromise our beliefs just to save a bit of money!

What do the terms “fragrance throw”, “cold throw” and “hot throw” mean?

“Fragrance throw” is how strong the fragrance smells – therefore, “cold throw” is how the candle smells when it’s not lit and “hot throw” is the strength of the fragrance when the candle is lit.

What is “sooting”?

“Sooting” is as it sounds – the appearance of soot, whether this is coming off the wick when it burns, or when soot appears on the container of the candle. When we test all of our candles during the burning process, we look at what blends of wax and wick has minimal/no sooting to put into production.

Jars are prone to sooting more than other types of containers, due to hot and cold air mixing, a process which we call “turbulence”. But, we test which wax and wick produce minimal sooting to give you the best product we possibly can.

How can I get my candle to burn down evenly?

When a candle burns down the centre without melting the wax at the edges, we call it tunneling. “Tunneling” can happen for a variety of reasons – on cheaper candles, this happens because the wax just isn’t good enough. At Wax Lyrical, we don’t like tunneling, so we try to make candles that create an even pool of wax as they burn. We do this by formulating our wax to melt evenly and by selecting the right wick for every single blend of wax that we make. But we also need help from you! Tunneling can also happen when after the first burn, the wax hasn’t melted all the way to sides of the container. It might sound crazy, but wax has a memory – so if you burn your candle for the first time and only have a small pool of melted wax, the next time you burn your candle, it will only burn to that point. Our advice is to always burn your candle until the melted wax reaches the edge – so sit down with a good book and a cup of tea or three and enjoy your candle!

How do I stop the build up of black carbon on the wick of my candle?

“Clubbing” is when there is excessive build up of carbon on the end of your wick after burning. We’re not into clubbing at Wax Lyrical – well, not this kind of clubbing anyway. Wicks should curl to help the burning process, but if they are too stiff and don’t bend, clubbing often occurs. If there’s only a small amount of clubbing, you can remove this by snipping off the end using some scissors (when the candle isn’t lit!)

You shouldn’t see heavy clubbing on your Wax Lyrical candle, as we blend our wax and fragrance to avoid it. In the unlikely event that your Wax Lyrical candle starts clubbing, let us know.  We’re on a quest to create candles that burn perfectly, so we need to hear how we’re doing, clubbing and all.

Why does my candle wick self-extinguish or drown?

The wick on your candle shouldn’t ever self-extinguish until the wax has burned right down to the bottom of the jar or pillar.  However, if your candle has been standing in a draught, it may have burned unevenly and in that case, the wick could self-extinguish before it has chance to burn down all the wax.  If your candle wick self-extinguishes or drowns and you can’t understand why, then let us know so we can put our detective hats on.

Why does wax look like it’s pulling away from the side of my candle jar?

We make our wax filled candle jars by pouring molten wax into our glass jars.  As the wax cools it shrinks and pulls away from the glass slightly. We call it “pullaway” and it's par for the course in candle making.  That said, we’ve found ways to minimise pullaway at Wax Lyrical, as we pride ourselves on making beautiful candles that will look gorgeous in your home.  What’s on the inside is just as important though, and in our quest to create candles that burn perfectly, as well as appearance we take into account fragrance throw, colour and of course, a lovely even burn. 

How long will my candle burn for?

This completely depends on the candle – please see each individual candle’s page on the website to see the burn time.

Do you use different wicks for different candles?

Yes, we do! We have a variety of wicks and we select the best one for the type of wax. We test all our wax and wick combinations in our Burns Room, to check for sooting, clubbing and tunneling. If we change even one small element of our wax, we need to test it again with our wicks, as a tiny change can have a big impact on the way a candle burns.

Are your candle wicks lead-free?

Yes, for many years the wicks in our candles have been free from lead.

What other tests do you perform?

We can’t let you in to all our secrets now, can we! Apart from the tests previously mentioned, we also make sure our candles not only burn great, but look great too – our other tests include making sure the colour of the wax stays consistent and doesn’t fade over time. A candle isn’t just something to fragrance your home, afterall – it’s a piece of decoration that says something about who you are.

Why do you say not to place your candles on painted, polished or synthetic surfaces?

We want you to enjoy your home fragrance, without having to worry about our products damaging your home decor and furniture. Can you imagine if you lit a tealight that wasn't in a tealight holder and placed it on a beautiful, antique wooden table? The heat from the tealight could damage the surface of the table, especially when the flame is near the bottom of the candle. This is also why we advise you to discard a candle when 5mm of wax remains.

Why can’t I find a shelf life for my candle?

We don’t provide a shelf life for our products, which is why we don’t print a production date on the product. The products life is dependent on factors such as exposure to light and temperature. Candles will discolour or fade when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods. We do not recommend displaying your candles for long periods in direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting or other strong illumination.

If you expose your candles to temperatures over 30°C, this will cause the wax to soften. Due to this, taper candles may bend and it will have a negatively affect the quality of other types of candles. We recommend storing your candles in a cool, dry place to prolong their life.

Wax Lyrical’s Candle Tips

When re-lighting candles, trim the wick to about 1cm to avoid sooting and irregular burning. Keep the wax pool free of used matches or any other contaminants. These can act as secondary wicks and cause a much larger flame. Tins: always place on a safe surface. Do not use the lid of the tin as a base. If you’re wanting to re-use your candle container, the safest way to remove the wax is to pop the container in the oven. Our wax melts at 60°C, so very high temperatures are not needed. Do not pour the liquid wax down your sink – you will need to put this in a disposable container and once cooled, throw away with your normal household waste.

Our Top 10 Tips for Safe Candle use are as follows:

  1. Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  2. Burn well out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Keep well away from flammable items.
  4. Observe minimum distance between two burning candles.
  5. Only stand on inflammable surfaces – use suitable containers or candleholders.
  6. Do not expose the candle to draughts or other air flows e.g. radiators.
  7. Keep the burning bowl free of impurities and flammable materials.
  8. Extinguish sooting, flickering candles – trim the wick and/or rim before re-igniting.
  9. Do not move the candle so long as the wax in the burning bowl is still liquid.
  10. Never extinguish burning candles with water.

Diffuser FAQs

How long will my reed diffuser last?

One Wax Lyrical 200ml reed diffuser will fill your room with gorgeous scent for anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks.  The rate at which our natural reeds absorb the fragrance oil and diffuse the scent into your room depends on a couple of things: how warm your room is, whether there’s any draught and even the type of fragrance of your diffuser. So if your reed diffuser is above a radiator, on a mantelpiece or on a draughty window sill, it will diffuse fragrance more quickly than if it’s in a slightly cooler part of your room, out of a draught. 

That said, although your diffuser liquid won’t last quite as long if your reed diffuser stands in a warm or draughty area, you’ll notice a more intense fragrance suffusing your room as the liquid evaporates through the reeds. To prolong the life of your diffuser, why not use less reeds? Although we provide a good amount of reeds for each diffuser, it doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Your reeds will last twice as long and it means you don’t need to buy extra reeds if you want to fill your Diffuser Bar vase up with a new fragrance.

What size of room will my reed diffusers fragrance?

This all depends on how strongly you like to scent your room.  Wax Lyrical reed diffusers are some of the strongest in the business because we blend a lot of fragrance into our oil.  We suggest you start with one reed diffuser in your room.  It will start diffusing scent immediately and within a couple of hours you should notice it when you walk into the room.  Give yourself chance to get used to your newly fragranced room over the course of a few days and if you think you’d like a more intense fragrance then you can add a second reed diffuser.  If you’d prefer a temporary fragrance boost then we suggest burning a candle or spritzing a room mist in the same fragrance as your reed diffuser.

What do I do if my reed tips dry out?

Reed tips can dry out if your diffuser is standing in high temperatures, for example, above a radiator, or in a draught.  That’s because warmth and draughts make the fragrance oil evaporate quicker.  If you notice the tips of your reeds have dried out and there is still oil in the diffuser bottle, simply turn the reeds over and they will diffuse a fresh burst of fragrance into your room. 

Why does one reed diffuser have wet reeds but another have dry reeds?

Reeds come in different sizes – the shortest being 15cm and the longest being 30cm. The shorter, 15cm reeds almost always look wet. The longer, 30cm reeds are much more prone to be partially dry, as the longer the reeds, the further the diffuser oil has to travel to reach the end of the reeds (the technical term is, “the capillary action that carries the liquid through the reeds diminishes with length of reed”).

Are different reed diffusers made up of different oils?

Most of our reed diffusers have the same components (apart from their fragrance, obviously!) which include alcohol, but our Jelly Belly range is alcohol-free – we still wouldn’t recommend that you drink it if you’re t-total though!

What are the benefits of a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are a great way to continually fragrance your home. You also don’t need to worry about having a naked flame or leaving your reed diffuser unattended.

Do your reed diffusers use pure essential oils?

Our reed diffusers are a blend of ingredients so that they are effective and as safe as we can make them. Pure essential oils can be quite allergenic which is why we do not just use essential oils.

There is a bung or piece of foam in the top of my diffuser - how do I get the reeds in?

You will need to remove the bung, or unscrew the lid and remove the piece of foam before adding the lid back on and placing your reeds into the bottle.

Wax Lyrical’s Reed Diffuser Tips

We would always recommend you buy our reed diffusers (obviously) as we were the first company to introduce them to the UK. Often imitated but never equaled, our reed diffusers give you long lasting, beautiful fragrance while adding to you home décor.

Please remember that many of our reed diffusers are flammable, so please keep this in mind when placing them in your home. Please do not light the reeds of a diffuser or use the oil in anything which could cause it to set alight e.g. heating in an oil burner.

Room Spray FAQs

Are your room sprays safe to use around my family?

Yes, as room sprays are water based, they won’t cause harm to your children, pets, husbands, grandmas, granddads, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews or Great Aunt Edna.

Why can’t I see a room spray in my favourite range?

We don’t make a room spray for all our ranges, unfortunately. But let us now if you do want to see a room spray in a specifc range, we love to hear from you!

What are the benefits of a room spray?

Room sprays are a great for an instant burst of fragrance in your room. As they’re water based, they’re safe to spray around your family and around furniture. We’ve manufactured the sprays so that they create a fine mist, rather than droplets. They’re also great value for money, with around 1500 sprays per bottle.

Wax Lyrical’s Room Spray Tips

When storing your room spray, we recommend placing it out of direct sunlight, as over time, it may discolour the liquid.

Before spraying anything in a room, please take into consideration the people in it – anyone who suffers from asthma could be negatively effected by sprays of any kind.

Scented Sphere FAQs

What are scented spheres?

If you’re not sure what they are, you’re not alone! Scented spheres are a great alternative to pot pourri, which you can display in a variety of ways, such as vases or maybe reused Wax Lyrical candle jars!

My spheres have dried up – do I just throw them away?

If you need to refresh your scented spheres at any time, just add water and watch them replenish.

I’m worried my children might put them in their mouths – what can I do?

We’re one step ahead of you here - as the beads are often displayed in open containers that potentially could be accessible to children, a bittering agent has been added. This bittering agent (technical name: denatonium benzoate) is odourless but safe to use and has a very bitter taste. It is regularly added to household products such as washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, car windscreen-wash etc. As it is so very bitter, only a few parts per million are required to make a product too bitter to be palatable.

Why don’t my scented spheres don’t smell anymore?

The amount of time the beads will give off a scent depends on a few factors, such as the room temperature, draughtiness of the room and the shape of the container the scented beads are stored in. In our lab, we tested our spheres under our standard conditions – in an air conditioned room set at 22°C, with 250ml bottles in one of our medium sized containers. For the spheres to fully diffuse, this took about 6 weeks.

Scented Sachet FAQs

Why don’t my scented sachets smell any more?

The fragrance of scented sachets will very slowly fade with time and also depends on the environment they’re placed in – they may last longer in a drawer at home than in a hot car over summer. To drier and cooler the space they’re placed in, the longer their scent will last.

Do I remove the packaging before I can use my scented sachets?

The only packaging you need to remove is the cellophane wrapping and the sachet will do the rest. No matter if you place it in your car, wardrobe, drawer or suitacase, the special paper permates the scent of your chosen fragrance.

Fragranced Oil FAQs

How do I use my fragranced oil in my oil burner?

Simply add some warm water to the top of your oil burner and add a few drops of your chosen fragrance. Place an unscented tealight in the appropriate place in the oil burner and light, to spread the fragrance around your room.

Wax Melt FAQs

How do I use my wax melts in my oil burner?

Simply pop your chosen wax melt into the top of your burner and add an unfragranced tealight in the appropriate space to start melting the wax and release the fragrance.

Company FAQs

Where are you based?

Our offices and factory are based in Lindal-in-Furness, Cumbria, in the English Lakes. We also have our retail outlet based here, plus other concessions throughout the country. See our Outlets page for more information.

How long has the company been in existence?

From starting in a garage in the 1980s to now having just invested £1 million in our Cumbrian factory, we’ve come quite a way. We will be celebrating our 40th birthday in 2020 – that’s a lot of years’ worth of knowledge about candles!

Do you manufacture your own products?

97% of our products are made in our Cumbrian factory, a fact we’re very proud of! We’re working towards 100% of our products being UK made.

Do you test on animals?

No, we do not test our products on animals.

Are you accredited?

Are we – the answer is YES! We are accredited by many, many different bodies and have many different accreditations and strategies in place:

  • BRC accreditation
  • General Products Safety Regulations (GPSR)
  • CLP
  • Cosmetic Products 2013 Regulations
  • Fragrance Policy
  • Environmental Policy (ISO14001 in 2014)
  • Glass Policy
  • Carbon Footprint Strategy