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British made in the English Lakes
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  1. Lemon Verbena Tealights
    Lemon Verbena Tealights Made in England
  2. Mediterranean Orange Tealights
    Mediterranean Orange Tealights Made in England
  3. Red Cherries Tealights
    Red Cherries Tealights Made in England
  4. Lemon Verbena Candle
    Lemon Verbena Candle Made in England
  5. Mediterranean Orange Candle
    Mediterranean Orange Candle Made in England
  6. Red Cherries Candle
    Red Cherries Candle Made in England
  7. Lemon Verbena Candle Jar
    Lemon Verbena Candle Jar Made in England
  8. Mediterranean Orange Candle Jar
    Mediterranean Orange Candle Jar Made in England
  9. Red Cherries Candle Jar
    Red Cherries Candle Jar Made in England
  10. Lemon Verbena Candle Tin
    Lemon Verbena Candle Tin Made in England
  11. Mediterranean Orange Candle Tin
    Mediterranean Orange Candle Tin Made in England
  12. Red Cherries Candle Tin
    Red Cherries Candle Tin Made in England
  13. Honeysuckle Candle
    Honeysuckle Candle Colony

24 of 129

Made in England: Ulverston - Cumbria