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British made in the English Lakes
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  1. Hillside 100ml Reed Diffuser
    Hillside 100ml Reed Diffuser Lakes Collection
  2. Hillside Candle
    Hillside Candle Lakes Collection
  3. Hillside Ceramic Candle
    Hillside Ceramic Candle Lakes Collection
  4. Hillside Tealights
    Hillside Tealights Lakes Collection
  5. Meadow 100ml Reed Diffuser
    Meadow 100ml Reed Diffuser Lakes Collection
  6. Meadow Candle
    Meadow Candle Lakes Collection
  7. Meadow Ceramic Candle
    Meadow Ceramic Candle Lakes Collection
  8. Meadow Tealights
    Meadow Tealights Lakes Collection
  9. Tranquil Tide Candle
    Tranquil Tide Candle Yvonne Ellen
  10. Exotic Fig Candle
    Exotic Fig Candle Yvonne Ellen
  11. Vintage Palm Candle
    Vintage Palm Candle Yvonne Ellen
  12. Wild Jasmine Candle
    Wild Jasmine Candle Yvonne Ellen
  13. Sweet Pea 200ml Reed Diffuser
    Sweet Pea 200ml Reed Diffuser RHS Fragrant Garden
  14. Sweet Pea Tealights
    Sweet Pea Tealights RHS Fragrant Garden
  15. Sweet Pea Candle
    Sweet Pea Candle RHS Fragrant Garden
  16. Sweet Pea Candle Jar
    Sweet Pea Candle Jar RHS Fragrant Garden

24 of 29

Made in England: Ulverston - Cumbria